#1 fails to give proper results.

SF Will

The program does not know when a proper password has been reached. I tested it on a test rar and it came upon a 3 character password. Program said it was a good password, but when tried it wouldn't extract with said password. So I edited the xml file to continue after that, thinking maybe it was a fluke. Same result, next password given as good was not. Third time I did the same thing, and that didn't work either. Gave up on this program after that. Now looking for a better alternative.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Have the same issue here. It finds a lot of 3char hits that does not work. Maybe it's related to unrar and not a rarcrack issue ?

  • SF Will

    SF Will - 2009-10-11

    I fixed this problem by using unrar-free instead, just remove unrar-nonfree and install unrar-free then it seems to work, Though a bit slow. http://www.crark.net/ is now cuda aware, so if you have a compatible card, it is a TON faster.


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