rakarrack-0.5.8_Equinox is released

rakarrack-0.5.8_Equinox is released.

Rakarrack is a richly featured multi-effects processor emulating a guitar effects pedalboard. Effects include compressor, expander, noise gate, graphic equalizer, parametric equalizer, exciter, shuffle, convolotron, valve, flanger, dual flange, chorus, musicaldelay, arpie, echo with reverse playback, musical delay, reverb, digital phaser, analogic phaser, synthfilter, varyband, ring, wah-wah, alien-wah, mutromojo, harmonizer, looper and four flexible distortion modules including sub-octave modulation and dirty octave up. Most of the effects engine is built from modules found in the excellent software synthesizer ZynAddSubFX. Presets and user interface are optimized for guitar, but Rakarrack processes signals in stereo while it does not apply internal band-limiting filtering, and thus is well suited to all musical instruments and vocals. Rakarrack is designed for Linux distributions with Jack Audio Connection Kit.

News on 0.5.8_Equinox
New Bank File format, we include a utility "rakconvert" to convert Bank files
to the new format.

New Effects:

Valve, Dual Flange, Ring, Exciter, Expander, DistBand, Arpie, Shuffle, Synthfilter,
VaryBand, Convolotron, Looper, MuTroMojo, Echoverse, CoilCrafter,
ShelfBoost, Vocoder, Sustainer, Sequence, Shifter, StompBox, Reverbtron,

New Features:

Tap Tempo.
Upsampling using libsamplerate by Erik de Castro Lopo.
Downsample intesive CPU effects.
Upsample Waveshapper.
ACI Analog Control Interface.


M.Saw, Compress, Overdrive, Soft, Super Soft, Gard Compress, Lmt-NoGain,
Hard Compress, FET, DynoFET, Valve1, Valve2, Diode clipper.

LFO Modulation:

M.Saw, L.Fractal.


DC Filter Offset at the input.
Tuner Callibration
Auto Connect jack input ports.

GUI and bug fixes.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2010-06-21

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