What kind of sound card are you using? It seems unlikely that the output from a guitar which is very high impedance and very low signal could work going directly into a card unless the card is specifically made for it. Some cards, like the Edirol USB audio adaptors have guitar signal inputs. Most don't. My M-Audio 2496 card expects a line input which means I need a preamp to get signal to it. You can get very inexpensive preamps like the ART Tube MP Studio for less than $30 which work very well for this purpose.

To ensure that you've got everything set up right.

1. Make your alsa is working. Can you play an audio file directly?

2. If yes, take rakarrack out of the loop. Start jack up using qjackctl. When you hit the Start button, make sure it says "started" in the dark feedback area. Then hit the Connect button and make sure you're in the Audio tab. You should see "system" in both areas as readable and writable clients. Click on both one at a time to select them and hit the Connect button. Now you've connected your input directly to your output. When you play your guitar do you hear anything? If yes, hit disconnect, fire up rakarrack, connect the system input to rakarrack and the system output to rakarrack.



On Nov 22, 2009 8:59 PM, "JJ" <josh8912@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello.  I have installed Rakarrack on my ubuntu 9.10 64-bit box, and it seems as if it has installed just fine.  I can run the program.  I'm not sure what the best way to get my guitar signal into it is though.  If I plug my electric guitar directly into my sound card line-in (via a 1/4 to 1/8 converter plug from Radio Shack), I do not get a usable signal in Rakarrack (even though I seem to have Jack set up properly).  Actually, I do get a signal (the green LEDs in Rakarrack move up and down), but it is just noise and gives feedback if I turn up the input.  My sound card works in all other ways, as far as I know.  Am I supposed to put my guitar signal through a preamp first?  Or should I purchase a cable like Alesis Guitarlink 1/4 inch to USB converter cable for $40 in order to plug my guitar into the USB port?  Would such a cable even work with Rackarrack, or do I have to plug into the sound card?  Would you need a preamp with such a USB cable?

I would like to use Rackarrack, but I don't know why it is not receiving a usable signal on my machine.  Any ideas?

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