I agree completely with this request. As I mentioned in a previous mail, I've solved this for myself by injecting a PD program between the pedal and Rakarrack. This works and is for the most part transparent, but it isn't the most elegant solution.

Until this gets into Rakarrack I'm willing to share my PD code to anybody who doesn't fear getting their hands a little dirty.

I want to point out how much I appreciate Rakarrack and the quality of the work it represents. Clearly, that I've gone to the trouble I have to overcome what I see as a remaining small deficiency in Rakarrack should let you know how much I like it.


On Jun 29, 2009 5:17 PM, "Renato Budinich" <rennabh@gmail.com> wrote:

It would be nice if the user would be able, for each preset, to assign a
custom midi CC to the paramaters. Default would be the current global CC
It would then be possible and easy, for example, to use the same pedal
on a midi pedal board for controlling wah depth on a preset and
overdrive's wet/dry on another
As it is right now it's kind of awkward to have to reroute for every
preset the midi CC's of the midi controller.

As a further add-on (but this is just a detail), the CC assigning could
be done via contextual menus, i.e. right-clicking on the on/off switch
of an effect, a menu would appear asking for witch CC to assign that
switch to. It would be then even more wonderful to have a "Learn" option
in this menu (as seen in Guitar Rig) which will assign that control to
the next CC Rakarrack receives on it's midi input.


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