Ok, I see now that file under my home once I've created an example module preset. I'll check later the menu option you mention.

About the MIDI implementation, I just pointed some mini-specification (some CC to change a certain module preset/the position of a dropdown list up and down).

Of course, I know it's not easy at all, didn't mean that.
I'm really happy with Rakarrack (and my now known module presets save feature) as is :).

Thanks again to all.

2012/5/7 Josep Andreu <holborn@telefonica.net>


User Internal presets for the effects are saved in a file called  $HOME/.rkrintpreset, also you can merge this file with the ones of other users,they are a menu entry for that IIRC.

About implement MIDI for that ... yes we have midi implemented that's true, but is not easy as you say, unfortunately or not we have a lot of MIDI implementation, for do that you will need to send at least 2 messages "to select the Effect" and  to "select the internal preset", canbe reduced to one but that will reduce the "program changes" fir each effect.

Is not easy as you say ... :-) but well ... maybe someday if I have time, thing that I dont have rigth now :-(


Josep Andreu <holborn@telefonica.net>

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