Ryan is correct. In practice I have two setups. My 'home' uses an MAudio 2496 and I plug the FBC1010 right into the on board midi. My 'road' is a laptop on which I use an edirol UM-1. There is no perceptible difference from a latency point of view.


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Latency in microseconds.  USB 2.0 standard is several times faster than MIDI serial communication so there is no latency associated with the hardware interface that is anywhere near the jack latency.  Furthermore, USB dumps onto the same PCI bus that most sound cards use, and it is possible that a USB MIDI adapter has lower latency than a PCI device simply because it is a single function peripheral.

Practically speaking, you as the user wouldn't know the difference.  The time it takes a MIDI controller to send a complete MIDI message is several times longer than the latency associated with the USB interface.

I use an Alesis USB-MIDI adapter and I have no detectable latency issues.  Usually these are as generic as USB-Serial adapters, meaning Linux support is good for a broad variety of devices, and actually probably better than Windows support out of the box.

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