I use it and I works very well with rkr and other linux sound applications. It is easy to set up if you get a simple usb-midi device like the Edirol UM-1. There are others that can be had used for very little money.

The FCB1010 takes a little getting used to but it's very flexible in how it can be set up with a little effort.



On Jun 13, 2010 9:46 AM, "teza" <tsaliou75@orange.fr> wrote:

Hi, all, thinking of buying a midi foot controller, I would like to
first is the BEHRINGER FCB1010 will work well under Linux and Rakarrack.
I am using a M Audio Fast track to plug my guitar in my pc.
The thing is this usb sound card doesn't have a midi plug, so my
question is how I can setup the midi foot controller? Could I use a
midi-usb cable to plug it to my Pc?
So if you use this midi controller please the informations on how you
did set it up.
Thanks a lot lot for your help.
Best Regards

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