The Vocoder does not do plain multiplication.  It performs envelope tracking on several frequency bands of the modulator (aux) and applies that envelope to the corresponding band on the carrier (input signal).  In that way it acts as an adaptive Equalizer that changes according to the spectrum of the modulation (aux) signal.

We can probably add a checkbox mode to Ring so you can use an external source from aux instead of the hard-coded oscillators.

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On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 4:53 AM, Renato <> wrote:
Hello, I was wondering, if I get it right the Ring multiplies the
incoming signal by a symple synth like sawtooth, sine etc. and the
Vocoder multiplies the incoming signal by the signal given on the Aux
port (not really sure about this), so it could be possible to multiply
the incoming signal by some complex synth, sampler or whatever connected
on the Aux port using the Vocoder effect?

what I was thinking was using the midi converter to control a sampler
that gets multiplied with the original incoming signal... I think the
sound palette would immediately open up to endless and
intersting combinations..


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