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-- Arrange memory allocations of delay buffers in effects.
--TapTempo - more explanation of subdivision.
--Explain LFO
--Tips about sharing presets & including custom files
--Explain TapTempo settings
--Update Echo image & help for Direct switch
--Update Analog Phaser help... now is not so CPU intensive compared to others... just more CPU than Phaser
--Flanger Help
--Reverb Help
--Parametric EQ help
--Noise Gate
--Update WahWah help
--Valve help
--Explain Comments in .dly files, maybe something about EQ's
-Things to do before 0.7.0
--New Effects
--Echotron window to edit files.
--Waveshaper  2.0 * sin(PERIOD/(i+1)) * sin(PERIOD/(i+1)) * sample * sample 
-- Smooth limiting in Expander
-- Fix Synthfilter level adjustment with HPF & LPF stages
-- Improve Tuner
-*This is a wish-list.  To be started after release of 0.5.8.
-- Improve sub-octave modulator for distortion.  Perhaps this can be a new effect.
-- Dynamic echo:  Delay time changes with input signal dynamics....possible to get a "bouncing ball" effect.
-- Ring modulator + arpeggiated carrier.
-- Infinite series:  i.e. Barberpole phaser, flanger and maybe some unique comb filter types.
-- Seqtron
-- 4 voice Harmonizer
-- Acoustic Simulator
-Plugin List:
-Tim Goetze CAPS Plugins
-- AmpVTS tube amp with tone stack circuit -- probably best to add to StompBox
-- Scape -- Fractal modulated stereo delay...Maybe we could add the fractal modulation to existing delay effect if easier...
+Midi learn

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