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Read Me

This app was born after an informal conversation about effects for guitar using GNU/linux.
The major part of this apps are discontinued or simply not have new versions after few
years. Josep Andreu say on the IRC chat "I can made an app based on the effects set 
hiden on code of ZynAddSubFX (by Paul Nasca Octavian). Some time after here is the
result of our work... 

This app has 42 effects: EQ Lineal, Compressor, Distortion, Overdrive, Echo, Chorus,
Phaser, Flanger, Reverb , Parametric EQ, Wah Wah, Alienwha, Harmonizer etc. 
The effects are procesed in cascade... The order of effects are configurable by the user. 
The state of rack can be saved as 'presets'. Sets of presets can be stored as 'banks'. 
The rack also has an integrated tuner and can receive MIDI control orders and can send MIDI 
notes to MIDI devices like synthesizers.

rakarrack is a JACK app.

The dependencies are:

aconnect  (part of Debian Package alsa-utils, name may vary on other distributions)

If you want to compile you will also need the development packages:


The name of the packages are typical of the naming convention for Debian-based distributions.
These can be a little different for each distro. Use your package manager search function
to find the equivalent package for your distribution.

If you are new to building packages from source code on Linux you will need a few other things
to set up a minimal development environment.
1) g++ (the compiler)
2) make
3) autotools-dev

Then if compiling from git repository, you need these too.
1) git-core (it is probable you have this if you're reading this README as it is likely you already used it to git the code).
2) autogen

If working from a graphical environment, you may wish to install 
qjackctl or patchage to aid with configuring jackd and connecting JACK clients.

This program was tested on a:

Pentium3 Coopermine 933
Creative Labs sblive 

iBook G4 (PowerPC)
1.2GB RAM, 1.33GHz Processor
Debian Lenny 5.0, stock Kernel
Debian Squeeze (testing as of Dec 2009), stock Kernel

Dell Dimension 9200
Intel Core DUO, 2.13GHz, 2GB RAM
Debian Lenny 5.0, stock Kernel

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz
Intel HDA

Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz (Dual processor -- Dell PowerEdge 1750 server)
Debian Stable

For more information about this app or help compiling, please visit or
join the #rakarrack chanel in freenode IRC.

Thanks for downloading and using this app... any comments or suggestions are welcome.