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+aconnect  (part of Debian Package alsa-utils, name may vary on other distributions)
 If you want to compile you will also need the development packages:
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 The name of the packages are typical of the naming convention for Debian-based distributions.
 These can be a little different for each distro. Use your package manager search function
 to find the equivalent package for your distribution.
+If you are new to building packages from source code on Linux you will need a few other things
+to set up a minimal development environment.
+1) g++ (the compiler)
+2) make
+3) autotools-dev
+Then if compiling from git repository, you need these too.
+1) git-core (it is probable you have this if you're reading this README as it is likely you already used it to git the code).
+2) autogen
 If working from a graphical environment, you may wish to install 
 qjackctl or patchage to aid with configuring jackd and connecting JACK clients.
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 Intel HDA
+Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz (Dual processor -- Dell PowerEdge 1750 server)
+Debian Stable
 For more information about this app or help compiling, please visit http://rakarrack.sourceforge.net or
 join the #rakarrack chanel in freenode IRC.