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[34edf7] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Apply assume-fltk.patch for configure success.
modified: src/

2013-04-14 21:24:24 Tree
[e203cf] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Fix Reverbtron seg fault bug

2013-03-04 04:52:45 Tree
[bdbed3] by holborn holborn

Fix compilation error with gcc 4.7 in the overwrite functions, maybe now works :-)

modified: rakarrack.cxx
modified: rakarrack.fl
modified: rakarrack.h

2012-03-28 21:38:55 Tree
[3f9969] by holborn holborn

Removing unused variables and compiler warnings

modified: Vibe.C
modified: smbPitchShift.C

2012-03-19 16:50:37 Tree
[18b793] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Source formatting (k&r style).
modified: src/APhaser.C
modified: src/APhaser.h
modified: src/Alienwah.C
modified: src/Alienwah.h
modified: src/AnalogFilter.C
modified: src/AnalogFilter.h
modified: src/Arpie.C
modified: src/Arpie.h
modified: src/Chorus.C
modified: src/Chorus.h
modified: src/CoilCrafter.C
modified: src/CoilCrafter.h
modified: src/CompBand.C
modified: src/CompBand.h
modified: src/Compressor.C
modified: src/Compressor.h
modified: src/Convolotron.C
modified: src/Convolotron.h
modified: src/Distorsion.C
modified: src/Distorsion.h
modified: src/Dual_Flange.C
modified: src/Dual_Flange.h
modified: src/DynamicFilter.C
modified: src/DynamicFilter.h
modified: src/EQ.C
modified: src/EQ.h
modified: src/Echo.C
modified: src/Echo.h
modified: src/Echotron.C
modified: src/Echotron.h
modified: src/Effect.h
modified: src/EffectLFO.C
modified: src/EffectLFO.h
modified: src/Exciter.C
modified: src/Exciter.h
modified: src/Expander.C
modified: src/Expander.h
modified: src/FPreset.C
modified: src/FPreset.h
modified: src/Filter.C
modified: src/Filter.h
modified: src/FilterParams.C
modified: src/FilterParams.h
modified: src/Filter_.h
modified: src/FormantFilter.C
modified: src/FormantFilter.h
modified: src/Gate.C
modified: src/Gate.h
modified: src/HarmonicEnhancer.C
modified: src/HarmonicEnhancer.h
modified: src/Harmonizer.C
modified: src/Harmonizer.h
modified: src/Infinity.C
modified: src/Infinity.h
modified: src/Looper.C
modified: src/Looper.h
modified: src/MBDist.C
modified: src/MBDist.h
modified: src/MBVvol.C
modified: src/MBVvol.h
modified: src/MIDIConverter.C
modified: src/MIDIConverter.h
modified: src/MusicDelay.C
modified: src/MusicDelay.h
modified: src/NewDist.C
modified: src/NewDist.h
modified: src/Opticaltrem.C
modified: src/Opticaltrem.h
modified: src/Pan.C
modified: src/Pan.h
modified: src/Phaser.C
modified: src/Phaser.h
modified: src/RBEcho.C
modified: src/RBEcho.h
modified: src/RBFilter.C
modified: src/RBFilter.h
modified: src/RecChord.C
modified: src/RecChord.h
modified: src/RecognizeNote.C
modified: src/RecognizeNote.h
modified: src/Resample.C
modified: src/Resample.h
modified: src/Reverb.C
modified: src/Reverb.h
modified: src/Reverbtron.C
modified: src/Reverbtron.h
modified: src/Ring.C
modified: src/Ring.h
modified: src/RyanWah.C
modified: src/RyanWah.h
modified: src/SVFilter.C
modified: src/SVFilter.h
modified: src/Sequence.C
modified: src/Sequence.h
modified: src/ShelfBoost.C
modified: src/ShelfBoost.h
modified: src/Shifter.C
modified: src/Shifter.h
modified: src/Shuffle.C
modified: src/Shuffle.h
modified: src/StereoHarm.C
modified: src/StereoHarm.h
modified: src/StompBox.C
modified: src/StompBox.h
modified: src/Sustainer.C
modified: src/Sustainer.h
modified: src/Synthfilter.C
modified: src/Synthfilter.h
modified: src/Tuner.C
modified: src/Tuner.h
modified: src/Valve.C
modified: src/Valve.h
modified: src/Vibe.C
modified: src/Vibe.h
modified: src/Vocoder.C
modified: src/Vocoder.h
modified: src/Waveshaper.C
modified: src/Waveshaper.h
modified: src/beattracker.C
modified: src/beattracker.h
modified: src/delayline.C
modified: src/delayline.h
modified: src/f_sin.h
modified: src/fileio.C
modified: src/global.h
modified: src/jack.C
modified: src/jack.h
modified: src/main.C
modified: src/mayer_fft.C
modified: src/mayer_fft.h
modified: src/metronome.C
modified: src/metronome.h
modified: src/process.C
modified: src/rakarrack.h
modified: src/rkrMIDI.C
modified: src/smbPitchShift.C
modified: src/smbPitchShift.fftw3.h
modified: src/smbPitchShift.h
modified: src/smbPitchShift_mayerfft.C
modified: src/smbPitchShift_mayerfft.h
modified: src/varios.C

2012-03-18 04:49:19 Tree
[fd92a0] by holborn holborn

Adding Stereo to FileIO

modified: fileio.C

2012-03-17 12:22:08 Tree
[6a79c8] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Comment out printf statement in smbPitchShift.C.
Add Stereo switch to Vibe.
Change CdS model parameter in Vibe for better sweep at fast LFO rates.
Revert code to function call instead of inline to make porting easier (Andreas is porting to Guitarix).
modified: src/Vibe.C
modified: src/Vibe.h
modified: src/rakarrack.cxx
modified: src/rakarrack.fl
modified: src/rakarrack.h
modified: src/smbPitchShift.C

2012-03-17 06:20:15 Tree
[89fb79] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Somewhat fix weird behavior on bank modified, save functions. Needs more work, but this is improvement.

2012-02-26 09:06:35 Tree
[659c37] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

CPU usage improvement on smbPitchShift with fftw3 and pre-computed window function.

2012-02-26 07:16:16 Tree
[56723e] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Sounds good now. Will push now, CPU usage way better.

2012-02-26 06:27:29 Tree
[baf658] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Add the smbPitch.. fftw3-based sourced to try

2012-02-26 01:49:29 Tree
[3d91fd] by Transmogrifox Transmogrifox

Make original smb default for now until we can confirm.

2012-02-26 01:48:34 Tree
[ac67ba] by Jakuleth Knyfe Jakuleth Knyfe

FFTW3 for smbPitchShift

2012-02-26 01:42:18 Tree
[f898fc] by holborn holborn

removing unused vars

modified: rakarrack.cxx
modified: rakarrack.fl
modified: rakarrack.h

2012-02-24 22:51:35 Tree
[926052] by Jakuleth Knyfe Jakuleth Knyfe

Commit Patrick's patches

2012-02-24 03:47:44 Tree
[bddf42] by holborn holborn

Fixing String formats

modified: fileio.C
modified: rakarrack.cxx
modified: rakarrack.fl
modified: varios.C

2012-01-20 14:00:29 Tree
[b8fbd5] by jakuleth jakuleth

Fix the ifft routine and add some processing for Convolotron Safe mode

2012-01-15 03:36:26 Tree
[4253cd] by jakuleth jakuleth

make sure smbpitchshift is original

2012-01-05 06:41:26 Tree
[8f74f2] by jakuleth jakuleth

add smbpitchshift with mayer FFT routine to compare performance and make sure it sounds the same

2012-01-05 06:39:39 Tree
[7e2cf8] by holborn holborn

Fix autoconnect jack options save

modified: rakarrack.fl

2011-09-23 14:00:01 Tree
[2dc426] by holborn holborn

Fix auto connect jack save options

modified: rakarrack.cxx
modified: rakarrack.fl
modified: rakarrack.h

2011-09-23 13:59:05 Tree
[be9d24] by holborn holborn

Revert smbPitchShoft
rename M_SQRT2 to remove warning about redefinition.

modified: mayer_fft.C
modified: mayer_fft.h
modified: smbPitchShift.C
modified: smbPitchShift.h

2011-09-12 11:23:18 Tree
[0acfb3] by jakuleth jakuleth

Add the FFT libs for improvements
new file: src/mayer_fft.C
new file: src/mayer_fft.h

2011-09-12 05:22:30 Tree
[d5790a] by jakuleth jakuleth

Make some changes to improve Harmonizer CPU
modified: src/
modified: src/smbPitchShift.C
modified: src/smbPitchShift.h

2011-09-12 05:21:27 Tree
[2763ea] by holborn holborn

Fix --disable-jack-session in configure

modified: src/jack.C

2011-08-25 13:14:43 Tree
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