MIDI Implementation for effects On/Off

  • Lorenzo Stanco

    Lorenzo Stanco - 2010-05-24

    Hi. Great job with Rakarrack.
    I'm developing a MIDI footpedal with it's own application to configure it.
    MIDI messages for slider moving are ok, but I have problems with On/Off switches.
    For example, I want to On/Off distortion effect. I read specs from:
    But if I send this midi message
         Midi output: 0xB07416 (176, 116, 022)
    Nothing appens… :(
    I use the same for sliders, for example:
         Midi output: 0xB04579
    Correctly move Distortion Drive slider…

    Thank you, Lorenzo.

  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-05-24

    Hi ..

    The help link you post, is the help for our git development version, I dont know what version are you using, and I really don't remember when the MIDI on/off by effect was added, probably only our git version does the job.

    I check here and works ..  the thing is …. rakarrack has two modes to manage the incoming MIDI events … the Default that use the MIDI implementation chart that you have see in the help … and MIDI learn, you can select the desired mode in the Settings window in the MIDI tab.

    I check in the Default mode (Using the MIDI implementation chart) and here works  sending 176,16,22  toggle Distortion on/off each time the message comes.

    If you are using MIDI learn … you need to select the "Multi On/Off" parameter, then select the desired MIDI Message Control number and assign  …  that meants in MIDI learn mode this message that you send does nothing … you need to configure it for each preset … the MIDI Learn window has functions to assing to all the presets …this data is stored in the bank.  . Out Default.rkrb banks comes with an empty MIDI Learn configuration because each user has different needs.

    Please … let me know what version are you using …. I use a small program to send MIDI events … maybe I need to try with another one too …


  • Lorenzo Stanco

    Lorenzo Stanco - 2010-05-25

    I'm using 0.5.0. I'm going to see the git if there are some updates.

    However, I'm trying with Multi On/Off MIDI learn mode right now, and it seems to work (but it's not a On/Off switch, it's only a On or Off…).

    Thank you Josep.


  • Lorenzo Stanco

    Lorenzo Stanco - 2010-05-25

    Ok, now that's ok.
    However, great work with the development. Cool new features!

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2010-05-25

    I was thinking about how it is two messages, "on", or "off".  I programmed a toggle mode into my behringer FCB1010 to toggle this, but it may be some MIDI controllers don't have this feature.

    Keep watching the git repo.  I am thinking we should add a toggle function in some form that simply reverses the current state upon processing the message.  I'll bring it up w/ Josep on IRC or dev mailing list to determine the best way to implement it.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-06-23

    Hi! Second that, great work with Rakarrack! I'm also trying to figure out how to toggle effects on/off, but via midi triggered from a qwerty keyboard.

    I'm trying to use vmpk to send the midi to rakkarack. Rackarrack doesn't seem to like the 'note on/off' data (I guess?) that's being sent by vmpk so I used 'qmidiroute' to convert it to controller data, which rackarrack midi-recognize, recognizes, but it's like a one way switch: no toggle. Also I don't understand how to use the midi implement table or the multi on/off option in midi-learn to toggle the different effects. I'd like to get it set up with on/off toggles for effects 1-9. Could I get a 'walkthrough' on how to use something like vmpk to turn on/off effects via midi?

    Thanks again for your help and hard work!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-06-23

    Sorry also meant to ask what programs you guys are using to send midi? I guess it doesn't need to be vmpk or anything in particular that I use, just trying to figure out how to send the signals really. Thanks

  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-06-23

    Thanks for using rakarrack.

    The program only recognizes MIDI Note On messages in the Harmonizer Channel to get Chords to harmonize melodies.
    To control the program you need to send MIDI Control Change messages. I never used qmidiroute but probably you can use it to convert MIDI messages.

    rakarrack has two ways of MIDI recognition messages that can be selected in the Preferences Midi window.

    1 By default is the MIDI Implementation Chart, you can see this chart in the help, in this mode you can only control a few parameters.

    2 MIDI Learn, if you select MIDI Learn you the MIDI Learb window will be active, in this window you can select a singel MIDI Control Change message and assign to up to 20 rakarrack parameters.

    In the special case of Effects On/Off  you nees to send in both Modes the MIDI COntrol Change number 116 (0x74 In hexadecimal)  the value is what toggle On or Off the effects.

    The first 20 values (0~19) Toggles On/Off effects by position … dont care what effect is used … toggle the effect by their position … The first one the values 0 and 1 …. the second one values 2 and 3 … etc etc

    Values greater than 20 toggles On/Off effect by effect ..  21 Compressor 22 Distortion 23 Overdrive … etc etc etc

    When I say "toggle" meants that the effect change the state … if you send the message and Effect is Off .. is turned On .. if you send again .. is turned Off … etc etc etc …

    Remember that MIDI Learn store the MIDI Control message data in each preset, the in each preset you can control different things with the same MIDI Control meesage … the thing is .. if you want to use MIDI learn you will need to assign to all the presets … that means .. when you have a preset ready .. put the preset on the bank ..  MIDI learn window has functions to copy or to assign a MIDI Message number to all the presets ..  read the help … of course when you have finish you need to save the bank.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-06-28

    Hi Josep,

    Thanks for responding. Your explanation helped me alot! I got it all figured out, except I still have a problem with vmpk and qmidiroute, but rakarrack is working perfectly. Thanks!

  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-06-28


    Long time ago I was made a program to manage MIDI Control change ….maybe you can use …  the program read MIDI Control messages (Modulation, Breath Control, Polyphonic AfterTouch, Pitch Bend …. ) and is capable to map the Control Change message to other one with the desired value …   also has widgets to send the MIDI Control  messages anyway you will need to edit the controller preset list.


    If you have compiled rakarrack … you will compile without problems :-)



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