Setting up JACK with Rakarrack guide

  • convider

    convider - 2009-05-04

    Alright, after a lot of tooth-pulling I've managed to set up Rakarrack to get it working.  Here's what I did.

    1. Make sure all your equipment is plugged into the right jack, and make sure that it's all recognized by the mixers.  I plugged my guitar into the mic jack and tested this using a sound recorder and the Volume Control panel.

    2. Get JACK installed and start up both it and Rakarrack.  Open up the Patchbay (or Connect) panel.

    3. Connect "system capture" to "rakarrack in" and "rakarrack out" to "system playback"

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2009-09-22

    It sounds like some blanks need to be filled in here:
    1.  Install jackd and qjackctl.
    2. Start Rakarrack current version download.
    3. Have a fine quality cold one and relax for a moment.
    4. Configure jack using the settings menu in qujackctl.  I'll do the classic hand waving and say there are plenty of posts with instructions for configuring jack, and for using qjackctl.  A tip:  if you're having trouble getting jack to run, start by disabling realtime priority, and set the frames per period buffer size to something greater than 500 (at the cost of higher latency).  This will usually allow you to get it where it works, even though it's not optimized for low latency.  You can learn about reducing latency after you're breathing easier with a functioning jackd.
    5. Push the start button on qjackctl.  If it doesn't start, then change the settings and try again.  If you can't get jack to work successfully, then rakarrack is a no-go.
    6. Once jackd is running properly, then click on "connect".  In the audio menu connect System capture ports to System output ports.  Plug in your guitar and make sure sound is coming out of your speakers.  If not, then troubleshoot your physical connections, sound card, speakers, and so on until you have guitar successfully routed clean through your computer using jack.
    7. Stop jack.  Now install rakarrack from your distribution's repository, or build from source.  It looks like step-by-step instructions for getting the proper packages installed to meet required dependencies is still lacking, but I won't go into that here.
    8. Start jack as before using qjackctl.  Start Rakarrack.  Now open the connect menu in qjackctl and connect the System capture to the rakarrack inputs.  Connect Rakarrack outputs to System output to speakers. 
    9. On Rakarrack, select the desired bank, and make sure Rakarrack is "on".  It seems to come up bypassed by default.
    10. Play away.  It should be doing its thing.



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