How to change presets via midi?

  • AthensTxMc

    AthensTxMc - 2011-12-19

    I am using a Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII usb midi controller and have managed to get the wah effect mapped using the mojo and the volume is fine. I can also adjust parameters in certain banks but I would like to be able to switch between presets using the foot pedal switches. It looks like I could make one preset with numerous effects such as stomp, Modulation, delay, reverb, wah, reverb, vibe, volume and use the switches to turn the effects on and off but that would limit the effect depth.
    I would like to be able to have a bank of presets that would be labeled Clean A, Drive B, Echo C, Metal D for example and then be able to switch those by the corresponding lettered switches. Also having a Stomp, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, to correspond to the labelled switches on the pedal board. I only plan to have a maximum of 10 presets in a bank and can use the up and down to switch between them but don't see an easy way to activate an effect or preset at the push of a button.
    I might be making this infinitely harder than it really is. The midi learn only covers the devices, not the presets or banks as far as I have been able to get so far.
    I have been using Guitar Rig 4 and 5 on Win7 and Amplitube 3.7 plus a few other programs. I really like the way Rakarrack runs under Jack. To me asio is a major roadblock. It took a bit to get Jack to run properly but you can run several audio sources without a hiccup.
    It is amazing how far Linux has come since the first time I tried it….
    Peanut Linux was the first distro I had that ran.
    I am using the Mint12 64 bit on a Amd 7550 dual core with 3GB of Ram.
    Thank you!

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2011-12-21

    I am not certain what you can change (or if you can change) MIDI messages on the Shortboard, but what you are asking is a trivial task using my Behringer FCB1010 MIDI controller.  There are a set of MIDI ProgramChange messages (which can be assigned also in the Preferences MIDI tab).  If your controller can send Program Change MIDI messages, then you will not have any problem doing what you are asking to do.  Read the Help under the General section.  If you scroll down to the section that talks about the MIDI tab you will have more explanation.

    By default, sending ProgramChange messages will change presets in Rakarrack, so you will know right away if you have done the right thing on your ShortBoard.  From there it's just a matter of organizing your preset banks however you like.  If you do make custom presets, and/or a well-organized set of preset banks, please consider sending them to us so we can include it to improve the defaults in the next release.

    If not, let us know and maybe we can chat some more about how it could be done.

  • AthensTxMc

    AthensTxMc - 2011-12-21

    I can drop out into windows and assign most any parameter to any switch on the shortboard. using CC #'s enabling hold, momentary, switched, etc.
    What I would like is to hit the Stomp button and have the Stompbox Pull up and start. Maybe it is the midi implementation chart.
    Undefined 0x74 (x) || 116 || 59 = StompBox On/Off … What value would I assign the footswitch to accomplish the goal of turning the switch on and of?
    It would be much easier if i could just set the parameters in Linux but Line 6 doesn't support linux, I might just set up another Win computer to assign midi values.  I am trying to isolate one function and build from there. I got the wah working, and the volume. Still haven't made the ability to scroll through presets but first if I can get one switch to perform as it should reliably I can use that as a template. The other solution is going back to windows, but I refuse to let this get the better of me.
    Rakarrack has been solid with no dropouts or unusual artifacts. Asio has limitations as fas as multi program use. I am still looking at having one preset in it's own bank with the effects i most commonly use and switching those on and off via the pedal. That would be a solution short term but not the ideal situation because there are effects that might fall outside that basic setup that would need to be available, hopefully without going back to the computer to rectify.

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2011-12-22

    If all you want to do is turn the switch on and off, then use MIDI learn for the message, and send it a 1.  IIRC 0 is off, 1 is on, but 1 will also toggle.  So you can make the pedal always send a 1 and it will toggle on/off.

    In settings you can select either to use the pre-defined MIDI implementation chart, or use MIDI learn.   If using the MIDI implementation chart, then you have to change your MIDI pedal to output messages matching the table.  If you use MIDI learn, then you can assign whatever message to whatever parameter you like.

    To change a Rakarrack Preset, you need to send a ProgramChange message.  This is where I question what you are trying to do.

    Are you trying to make presets on your MIDI controller to send messages to change the on/off status of certain effects in rakarrack, or are you making rakarrack presets and you want to change  the rakarrack preset…or both?

    I can do both using my FCB1010, so it's more a matter of sending the right MIDI messages than a question of whether it is implemented…. :/ 

    What I am guessing is that you need some kind of Windows software to configure your MIDI pedal, so you are stuck with whatever you have.

    In that case, use MIDI learn feature in Rakarrack.  It saves the MIDI profile for each preset, so a different button can do something different in each different preset, so you don't need to worry about changing the MIDI controller.  To change Rakarrack presets you need to send a ProgramChange message, and not a CC.  That should be pretty well supported on the Shortboard.

  • Renato

    Renato - 2011-12-22

    Hi athenstxmc, just chiming in to say, why don't you try running the windows program to set the MIDI for the Shortboard under Wine? For example I run without problems the equivalent program for the Akai MPK mini keyboard, with Wine.

    best wishes,

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2011-12-22

    I enjoy a lot of my Linux experience with wine.  A good dry Shiraz is preferred, but a smooth merlot will do ;)

    On Linux, 1 glass will do.  On windows, one needs a whole bottle before one begins to believe using windows is an enjoyable experience.  (I only jest.  M$ did manage to make W7 into a pretty tolerable platform)

  • AthensTxMc

    AthensTxMc - 2011-12-23

    It would be nice. The Line 6 controller program installs in Wine but doesn't recognize the pedal in Linux. I do have partial functionality, function 2 increments the presets one by one but function 1 decrements by  a random value…. The only midi setting I can count on is the wah or volume. It would be nice if midi learn worked for on/off on the effects. I still have to relearn the midi on each restart of Rakarrack.
    I am working on this a little bit each day. Have JackD working with Rakarrack and Ardour now. Next up is to attempt adding Hydrogen to the mix.
    So far this is no where ready to use on stage so the pedal isn't the main thrust but it will be a major point soon.
    Did setup another computer with the Line 6 so I could edit the pedal configuration without rebooting to windows.
    I wish there was more information on this pedal online but i will live with that part. The thing weighs a ton and should last forever if it will do what I need.
    Thanks everybody.

  • Renato

    Renato - 2011-12-23

    well, if Wine doesn't work, you can still try Windows as a VirtualBox guest. A little bit more clunky, but still better than a separate machine or rebooting.

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2011-12-23

    Maybe I should try MIDI learn with On/Off FX, but I thought it was implemented.

    The reason you have to "relearn" everything when you restart Rakarrack is because you are not saving your bank.  If you save the bank and then set that in the Preferences to load as your default "U" bank, then your MIDI settings well be recalled.

    When I start Rakarrack each time with my own bank all of my MIDI settings are exactly how I assigned them for each preset.  You can choose to either Assign to All, or assign only to the current preset.  It gives me a lot of flexibility, because for some presets I can use my expression pedal for wah, on others it can be used on a Phaser or Synthfilter, even though it is the same MIDI message.

    I know there are MIDI Parameters for FX on/off, so maybe it is only not implemented with the right-click - Maybe we need to check this.

    However, with the MIDI learn window you can scroll down to find the FX On/Off parameter and assign the message that way…not as easy, but you only have to do it one time if you save your bank.

    I hope that is helpful.  I will check on the MIDI learn for FX on/off and see if I can give you more specific instructions.  I know it is implemented because I am doing that with my MIDI pedal, and I assigned those using MIDI learn - but I think I did it by scrolling the list of parameters and selected it.

  • AthensTxMc

    AthensTxMc - 2011-12-24

    Ok folks.
    Still not getting too far in this endeavor. Going to put up some screenshots of exactly what the settings on the pedal look like. Looked up the FCB1010 and it looks to have much more in the way of configuration.
    In Rakarrack in the midi learn window when I show all it lists all the effects and the various parameters that can be assigned for each one, but none of those are On/Off on the effect.
    I am setting up my own presets and saving the banks. When I finally get this all straightened out I will list the steps it takes to get Rakarrack to work with this Pedal. I know it has to be something simple that I am overlooking. It is a good Pedal but was designed for a more specific application, having only an ethernet cable for Line 6 amps or USB for midi.
    Anyway, I will put up some more information in the next day or two.
    You have all been helpfull.


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