Command Line Options: Can't make it work as expected

  • DavidALbiol

    DavidALbiol - 2013-07-26

    I am trying to execute rakarrack from command line, but without succes. Any time I type rakarrack it starts gui without attending any command line options.
    I am thinking of building a kind of remote controlled rakarrak button mini-console (bluetooth, or RF), to change current rakarrack presets from my guitar, without need of PC keyboard. But I really need to understand and get working command line options for that. Basic idea is "pressing a button in the mini-console, send to receiver attached to PC, and execute a command line to change the current rakarrack preset". Does it exists a more "advanced" command line help??? Many thanks

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2013-08-06

    Commandline options are not for the purpose you state. It takes input arguments at start time and performs the function, for example, it will start with a certain preset if you use a commandline argument to specify a preset, or it will start with a certain bank if you do that.

    The closest thing to what you want to do is the the headless mode, which is:
    rakarrack -n
    (no gui)

    Now, if you want to send commands to rakarrack to operate without a gui, then you can use the MIDI interface. Your button controller should then issue MIDI commands, which can be routed into Rakarrack, then you can assign via the MIDI table, or you can make your own MIDI table, or use MIDI learn if you want.

    At this point there is no console/text mode interface to rakarrack able to take commands while it is operating.

    A bit of a kludge would be to script your button to terminate rakarrack and restart it with a different set of input parameters, but I don't think that's what you want.

    If having the GUI is ok, then you can look at the keyboard shortcuts in the help:
    Scroll down to the section on keyboard shortcuts. This does not work in the "no gui" mode, since the shortcuts are implemented by the GUI.

    Your button controller can issue system keystrokes and control rakarrack by keyboard shortcut commands.

    I still think MIDI is the most elegant way to do it since that is how Rakarrack is designed to work.

    I use a Behringer FCB1010 floor controller to remote control Rakarrack.

    You can find a lot of free project info for building your own MIDI controller if you prefer to do it that way.

    If using some kind of BlueTooth interface, then if your controller emulates a serial port, then you can get MIDI commands off the serial port that way. If you are able to make your controller trigger scripts to modify Rakarrack (if it had a run-time console mode), then certainly you can make scripts to issue system MIDI commands.

    I hope that is helpful


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