FTLK 1.3 and Rakarrack

  • Ken

    Ken - 2011-07-14

    I'm having issues running Rakarrack after the FTLK 1.3 update. It appears, Rakarrack is still looking for the 1.1 libraries. It's failing to start with the following output:
    rakarrack: error while loading shared libraries: libfltk_images.so.1.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I'm in arch, using the newest GIT version. I'm going to downgrade FTLK to 1.1 for the time being, but I'm just putting this out there.


  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2011-07-14


    I was the same problem … when I was change to FLTK 1.3 … I think the trick is run the autogen.sh  configure make .. etc again also if you recently upgrade the FLTK version … run ldconfig helps

    I run debian …when debian install 1.3 developer libraries remove the 1.1 ones … maybe in other distros their coexist …  I dont know … configure.ac in rakarrack use fltk-config to get the library and compiler flags …. maybe in some distros that both versions can coexist the fltk-config of the 1.3 is renamed  …. if that is the case you need to edit the configure.ac



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