Tim Urberg - 2014-01-10

I was able to reproduce this with VirtualBox 4.3.6 on my Macbook Pro, here's the steps exactly as I did them.

  1. Install VirtualBox 4.3.6 and download ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso and create a new VM.

  1. Go through all the steps and just choose the defaults, the only thing I did different was choose 2GB of RAM and I upped the video RAM to 128MB as well as checked 3D acceleration.

  2. Start VB and choose the Ubuntu ISO

  1. Choose Install Ubuntu and the check Download updates and install third-party software and click continue

  1. Choose Erase disk and install and continue

  1. Click install now

  1. Go through, choose time zone, keyboard and login and wait for install to finish. Once finished, reboot the VM.

  2. Once rebooted, login, open a terminal and do an update

  1. Then install gnome-shell (before rebooting). While this may seem unnecessary, this was part of what I did to reproduce the problem.

  1. Once Gnome Shell is finished installing, reboot the VM and when you login choose Gnome Classic (no effects)

  1. Next open a terminal and install all the dependencies listed above to compile Rakarrack. When asked about JACK real-time priority I choose No.

  1. Do a Git clone to get the source code

  1. Run autogen.sh

  1. Run configure

  1. Run Make

  1. And the error occurs: