key to select prev next preset?

  • daniel jimenez

    daniel jimenez - 2010-07-16

    hello everybody, i just started using rakarrack and i must say i am most impressed.

    the current state of the software (0.5.8) i'm seeing is well above average and, i must confess, expectations.

    i'm in the process of building a foot pedal out of a USB keyboard wich i will gut and rewire to a few switches, the project was going to be mostly for ableton live and/or guitar rig 4 (max msp/puredata where options too)…

    however, since trying Rakarrack (and seeing that keys 1-10 are already mapped to keyboard keys) i decided to add a few buttons (from the planned 8 in two four-button-rows)  to maybe 12 buttons

    My main concern is: is there an easy way of mapping the previous/next preset button to the keyboard?

    hopefully there is, or else i hope it's easy to implement (compared to some of the stuff you guys have already done!!!)

    many thanks for a wonderful piece of software.

    i hope i could contribute some code sometime

    daniel jimenez

  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-07-16

    Hi ..

    I was think that what you request is really interesting …. then I added  the "+" "-" keys and the Numeric KeyPad ones  to handle the preset counter … :-)

    You can get our git version … wich has more effects and some more features than 0.5.8 :-)



  • daniel jimenez

    daniel jimenez - 2010-07-17

    thanks so much, i just installed 0.6.0 from the git repository as per instructions and everything works great!!

    i will be sure to post the pictures of the pedalboard when its done

    this program is just so awesome

    if you ever need some super-fast fortran code, just let me know :D


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