can not MIDI control from BFC2000

  • guille

    guille - 2011-06-20

    That's it. Very simple but i can not make work together BFC2000 MIDI control and rakarrack…any ideas??

    I have a FCB too, and no problem with it. But i really don't know what's happened with BFC….
    Any help??


  • Renato

    Renato - 2011-06-20

    Hi, maybe it's not sending out correct midi messages? You could use qmidiroute for example to see what MIDI your device is sending out…

    Did you try using MIDI learn in rakarrack? You can just right click on a slider and assign to it any MIDI CC

  • guille

    guille - 2011-06-21

    I tried learn mode, and works…but seems to have some problems…

    Only endless rotary controls sends correct message if i play with the learn screen…any other (buttons, sliders,.. does not work??), anyway i can not program change the preset when i turn on the control…executing "copy from" is the way i can fix a specific preset to a message??

    I tried qmidiroute too, fist time i use this program, thanks…:)
    I changed the jack connections to:

    BFC -> qmidiroute -> rakarrack

    And qmidiroute added map was:

    Input -> controller
    ouput -> program change

    and default parameters, but nothing. The log screen is showing lines when i use BFC, but rakarrack….


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