Lucio - 2013-12-10

Hi guys
and excuses for my bad english

I'm trying to run rakarrack on ubuntu 13.10, low latency kernel (Linux version 3.11.0-14-lowlatency) on a lenovo laptop 3000 N100 1.7Gz dual Core 2Go RAM
External audio interface edirol ua25, works well with jack, ardour, guitarix...

I installed from standard repositories without changing anything

When i launch rakarrack it immediatly freeze with a hazy larsen noise :), i had to reboot computer

i tried to launch jack with or without qjackctl before, the same... Tried to kill pulseaudio, kill jackd before, the same

Thinking it could be a permission problem, tried "sudo rakarrack" in a terminal, freeze with larsen, last message in terminal was:
"Home directory not accessible permission denied"... and i had to reboot :(

Any idea?

Thanks in advance