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  • sunset

    sunset - 2008-10-05

    Hi, I'm rpm re-packaging rakarrack for fedora. One of our recent guidelines is to have the License field match the source license. We have found apparently conflicting info:
    1. GPLv2:
    2. GPLv3: src/COPYING:
    3. GPLv2: src/doc/COPYING
    4. GPL {no version} src/Tuner.C
    5. GPLv2: src/*.C

    AIUI, code that mentions GPLv2, but not "or later" is excluding the GPLv3, yet GPLv3 is included in the source tarball. What license is the code released under ?

    • Josep Andreu

      Josep Andreu - 2008-10-06

      Thanks for packaging .....

      The license is GPLv2 ....

      in my sources I don't have any license in /src ?


    • sunset

      sunset - 2008-10-12

      2. GPLv3: src/COPYING: 
      3. GPLv2: src/doc/COPYING
      Umm, I meant

      Unless there is a relicensing to GPLv3 going to occur, it's a little deceptive to have the GPLv3 COPYING file in the source archive ;-)

      Thanks for the clarification, DaveT.


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