TUTORIAL: mono to stereo adaptor

  • marsrover

    marsrover - 2012-03-20

    My rig goes as Guitar>1/4in to 3.5mm adaptor>cable>laptop mic-in Of course all the cables were stereo and the mono sound only came through one side when I turned the effects off (need my clean channel alot) So the simple answer was short out the first 2 sections to merge the left and right audio channels. PIctures show it better than I describe, just a bit of tin foil and tape.

    IMG_4090 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    IMG_4092 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    IMG_4091 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    IMG_4093 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    IMG_4094 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    IMG_4095 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    IMG_4096 by marsrover001, on Flickr
    ok so you insert the tin-foil covered male connector into the female connector with the top part removed. Then you take it out and the tin-foil stays in the female part.

    IMG_4097 by marsrover001, on Flickr
    put the end part back on

    IMG_4098 by marsrover001, on Flickr
    testing, works

    IMG_4099 by marsrover001, on Flickr
    tape it up so they don't disconnect

    IMG_4100 by marsrover001, on Flickr

    Hope this helps the cheaper people among us.

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2012-03-20

    …Or, using qjackctl, you can simply connect the left channel input to both Input1, Input2 to rakarrack.  Then you have an easy software solution that doesn't require the foil job. 

    However, thanks for posting with photos and detailed description.  It will certainly help those who ask the question how to cheaply connect guitar to computer.

    If you have stereo line inputs, to take it further, you can use a stereo-to-mono splitter  cable to make it possible to have an input for  a microphone and guitar, or two guitars, or whatever. A stereo line input = 2 inputs ;)

    take care 

    • Robert Villaverde

      "you can simply connect the left channel input to both Input1, Input2 to rakarrack. "

      Please tell me, how to do it?



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