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  • Redarted-Special

    i would like reverse delay that plays caches backwards.  love using this program for my midi piano jack chains!!  had problems with inputs untill someone explained what qjackctrl was.

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2009-10-12

    This sounds like a very worthwhile feature.  I have started taking interest in the Rakarrack code base and have been playing with it in my spare time. 

    I have been documenting whatever I do here:

    At the moment I have not submitted much other than some compressor fixes, but have been toying with an analog phaser model, etc.

    If I get around to playing with reverse delay, you will find a  piece of code that can be saved over an existing file in your rakarrack source (assuming you compile from source) on my blog in the future. 

    This is interesting enough for me to want to play with it, and I'm currently frustrated in my analog phaser modeling attempts, so it may be worthwhile following my blog.  I can't make any promises as this is entirely a hobby to me - second to my first love of building analog effects.

    It actually seems pretty simple, since I only need to come up with a way to make an array index that counts backward in the delay table, and a simple GUI change to add a checkbox for reverse delay. 

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2009-12-07

    Just an update:  The reverse delay feature has been added.  You can compile current CVS or wait for 0.4.0 release.


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