terminator356 - 2009-10-09

Rakarrack where have you been all my life?
A quite advanced stereo FX processor that really
works "out of the box", no fussing!
Been looking for something to replace my
HW BOSS-SE70 (mid nineties multi FX w/guit synth)
and go all SW, but the Dist/OD of apps and LADSPA plugins I saw,
mainly held me back.
With Rakarrack I learned Distortion + Overdrive = GREAT.
The pre/post tailoring makes it sound so nice, and it's easy to
learn how good the two can sound together.

My only complaint so far is the cabinets:
Can you make them sound a bit less "boomy"?
Maybe some adjustable params for them?

I just found this tonight. Top marks at version 0.3.0
Keep up the good work. Tim.  User "terminator356"