I'm not an expert in C, but I'm trying to do my best.
The first time I run ./configure, I got the config.log renamed to config-firstrun.log, attached. Please, take a look. Possibly some system paths must be fixed. And I got "Could not find XOpenDisplay" message.
I changed the "configure" file to return "yes" after every library check (resulting "configure" file attached). I don't know whether I did it the right way. However, we can see that some libraries were not found that are actually installed here (i. e. fonconfig, freetype (actually freetype2 here), fltk, jack etc.) Why are they not found? Shall I fix some paths? It generated the config.log renamed to config-secondrun.log, attached, and its output was as config.console, attached.
So, I run make, and the output is as in make.console, attached.
Is there something I could check or fix to complete the build? Can I help somehow?
Thank you very much, so far.