• Anonymous - 2010-11-02

    hi everybody
    i work with  ubuntu 10.10  / rakarrack v0.5.8_Equinox / and a yamaha UW500 audio/MIDI interfaces

    my question is why rakarrack doesn't reconize UW500 as audio input ?

    thanx for your usefull help

  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-02


    rakarrack use the jack ports for Input/Output, if you dont see your audio interface in the rakarrack list of devices availables,  probably you need to change the jackd configuration and select the desired audio interface.


  • Anonymous - 2010-11-02

    Hi Josep

    thanx for your quick answer but, I don't see in  audio jack port input:/output my UW500
    I can only see it in ALSA MIDI section of jackd

    and I  use the UW500 only as audio interface

    guitar => UW500 =>usb=>computer=> jack (ALSA can see MIDI UW500) jack (audio can't)

    ans UW500 may work in MIDI as well as audio

    so ? any other idea ?
    thanx in anyway

    Sorry for my english but I'm frenchman (nobody's perfect)

  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-02


    I never see or used this model Yamaha model, but what you need is to know if ALSA usb audio module recognize this device as audio device, to check that rrun alsamixer and see if you have audio controls for this Yamaha.

    In the case that you have this audio controls, what you need is select this audio interface in the jackd configuration, the easy way is use qjackctl, that is a frontend and brings the list of the available interfaces that you have.

    If the interface is not listed in qjackctl, the problem begins :-)


  • Anonymous - 2010-11-03

    Hi Josep
    thanx for your help

    alsamixer tell me when I press  function
    -  (default)
    0  HDA Intel
    1  HDA NVidia
    2  YAMAHA UW500
    enter device name.

    and when I select UW500
    there is only one PCM column who appear.

    What does that mean ? I'm safe or  does the pb was begun now ;o)


  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-03


    No problems … is Ok ….. what do  you need is configure  qjackctl (the jackd frontend) the YAMAHA UW500 device for Input/Output because by default jackd use the ALSA card 0, in your case the motherboard Intel HDA, 


  • Anonymous - 2010-11-03

    Dear Josep,

    unfortunately your solution is…. running  !   ;o)
    thanx for all
    it's fantastic coz I really need playing with "rakarrack" I have an exhibit at the begining of 2011 and I have to produce stranges sounds  with my bass so that the the reason why I need rakarrack and your your solution is the way to obtain that I want to do !
    really thanx again.

    why do you know as well jack and rakarrack ? do you write code ? programs ? do you play guitar  with rakarrack and linux ?

    best regards
    Olivier Ts

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2010-11-04

    Josep made the program Rakarrack
    Have fun :D  I think this is a good program for making strange sounds with your bass.  Maybe try AlienWah and Shifter effect modules if you like strange sounds.

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-05

    Thanx for U'r comment.
    What can I do helpfull for Rakarrack ?
    if you are agree I can put sticker "Rakarrack" on my bass cabinet  on stage
    or what else ?

  • Renato

    Renato - 2010-11-05

    whooa I definitely want a sticker too!
    It would be cool to have a cooler rakarrack logo though

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-05

    Sorry but again two more questions.
    I'm reading "Rakarrack help" and I saw two releases of it :
    1 ) on the web : 
    2) in the product 0.5.8_Equinox
    Help Contents F1

    wich realease is the good one ?

    And why in my version of Rakarrack v0.5.8_Equinox
    there is only banks 1, 2, and 3 no bank "U"

    And why
    bank 1 is "Default" / bank 2 is "Extra" / and bank 3 is "Default" again

    How can I change this

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2010-11-05

    You want to be tracking the help from the help menu for relevant information.  The Help on the web stays up to date with recent development, so it shows effects and features you may not have in release 0.5.8.

    About bank 3 default again:  You have to open the preferences, and under bank set a file location to an alternative bank.  For example, if you make some changes to presets, or have your own in a new bank, you can set the location to point to your custom bank.  Then "1" will be the default bank, "2" will be the Extra bank, and "3" will be your user bank.  If you don't set it do a file location of a different bank, then it is only the default bank again.

    In recent development, we added a third bank (Extra2), then called the last bank "U" for user.  At this point you could use an Ubuntu PPA from Autostatic to get a recent build, or you can download the sources from git and compile it yourself.  Then you can change two file locations:
    One to select which is your user "U" bank
    One to select which is a directory containing bank files.  All banks in the directory are available to select from a drop-down list.  This will be useful if people would contribute their own custom banks…then you could download and share banks and any bank you put in that directory could be selected from a drop-down list :)

    There are also new effects and other things you see in the Help on the web page.

    Nareto:  we don't have skills at graphic design.  Maybe some day a good gd will join the team and make some nice logos a person could print on stickers.  As far as stickers go, there are endless services online you can use to get a sticker printed with anything you want :)  That also goes for T-shirts.

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-06


    "You have to open the preferences, and under bank set a file location to an alternative bank. For example, if you make some changes to presets, or have your own in a new bank, you can set the location to point to your custom bank."

    YEHAAAAA !  That's exactly what I was looking for ! Thanx.

    "Maybe some day a good gd will join the team and make some nice logos'
    A friend of mine is a good  gd ! I'll try to speak with him about that…


  • Anonymous - 2010-11-13

    Hi everybody

    seem so simple…

    then run:
    sudo make install

    yesterday I tried to install rakarrack-0.6.1
    so I 've downloaded rakarrack-0.6.1.tar.bz2 package
    and began to install it

    then it ask me :

    g++ (4:4.4.4-1ubuntu2)
    g++-4.4 (4.4.4-14ubuntu5)
    libstdc++6-4.4-dev (4.4.4-14ubuntu5)

    so Ok I install it
    and it ask me :

    libdrm-dev (2.4.21-1ubuntu2.1)
    libfltk1.1-dev (1.1.10-2)
    libgl1-mesa-dev (7.9~git20100924-0ubuntu2)
    libkms1 (2.4.21-1ubuntu2.1)
    libpthread-stubs0 (0.3-2)
    libpthread-stubs0-dev (0.3-2)
    libx11-dev (2:1.3.3-3ubuntu1)
    libxau-dev (1:1.0.6-1)
    libxcb1-dev (1.6-1)
    libxdmcp-dev (1:1.0.3-2)
    mesa-common-dev (7.9~git20100924-0ubuntu2)
    x11proto-core-dev (7.0.17-1)
    x11proto-input-dev (2.0-2)
    x11proto-kb-dev (1.0.4-1)
    xtrans-dev (1.2.5-1)

    so Ok I install it
    and it ask me :

    libexpat1-dev (2.0.1-7ubuntu1)
    libfontconfig1-dev (2.8.0-2ubuntu1)
    libfreetype6-dev (2.4.2-2ubuntu0.1)
    libxft-dev (2.1.14-2ubuntu1)
    libxrender-dev (1:0.9.6-1)
    x11proto-render-dev (2:0.11-1)
    zlib1g-dev (1:

    so Ok I install it
    and it ask me :

    libxpm-dev (1:3.5.8-1)
    libasound2-dev (1.0.23-1ubuntu2.1)
    libdbus-1-dev (1.4.0-0ubuntu1)
    libjack-jackd2-dev (1.9.5~dfsg-19ubuntu1)
    libfftw3-3 (3.2.2-1)

    so Ok I install it
    and it ask me :

    sndfile-tools (1.03-2build1)
    sndfile-programs (1.0.21-2)

    and I can't find sndfile library

    but I'm just a poor lonesome musician not computer programmer…  ;o)
    doesn't exist another meaning to install quickly last version of rakkarack like v5.0.8 one ?


  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-13


    What linux distro are you using? …. when you say ask me, what that means? … 
    the sndfile package for compile things is normally called libsndfile-dev, this "dev" packages is what you need to compile ..

    I hope the 0.6.1 will be available soon on most distros but that depends of the packager mainatainers on each distro.


  • Anonymous - 2010-11-13

    Hi Josep
    thank you to still answer me

    in french we tell : "the install process ask me…" instead of "the install process needs…"
    my distro is ubuntu 10.10
    result of "uname -a"
    Linux Laptop 2.6.35-22-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 20:45:36 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux


  • Josep Andreu

    Josep Andreu - 2010-11-14


    Well …. maybe you canfind the 0.6.1 version in the Autostatic ppa ( google for it … ) but I really dont know about ubuntu versions and I dont know if the packages are for your version.


  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2010-11-14

    read the README in the source code top directory.  It lists all the dependencies for Rakarrack.  It lists them by names of packages for a Debian system, so the names are likely the same on Ubuntu with perhaps minor differences.

    Also you should run configure again after you install new library packages.  I don't think you need to do autogen.sh for the tarball.  The main thing is to install every required package ending in -dev if you want to compile.  I made a step-by-step tutorial on YouTube for building from git repository on Debian.  It will be very similar on Ubuntu. Part 1 is for the things needed to get source code from git, so you can ignore that part for the tarball.  Here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfdqjReVD_s
    You need to watch parts 1, 2 & 3 to see the entire process.

    I second Josep about GNUguitarINUX.  You can burn it to a USB stick or a CD and run it as a live system.  It is really a good thing for a musician who is not a programmer :)

    PPA's are a good choice too.


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