bug in wm

  • Geoff Beasley

    Geoff Beasley - 2008-05-22

    rakarrack defaults back to gtk when reopened even tho 'plactic' is selected.


    • Josep Andreu

      Josep Andreu - 2008-05-23

      Hi ...

      You meant using the command line options? ... or in the settings window? ... this settings are saved whe you close the app. Here works .... what wm you use?

      • Geoff Beasley

        Geoff Beasley - 2008-05-23

        using the settings window. i use openbox; seems to change after changeing something in the gui. i'll test some more and see if i can be more specific. also the compressor doesn't seem to work as expected here but i have a lot more using/playing to do before i can be specific; again more next week. :)




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