• stuarticus

    stuarticus - 2009-05-25

      Hi, I have been using rakarrack experimentally, but I am having trouble some problems with the phaser and flanger, they seem to lack depth! When I use my Boss phaser I can get a really thick rich phase sound, but the rakarrack one seem to be a bit thin..

      Check out here.

    Am I just not getting the settings right?

  • Transmogrifox

    Transmogrifox - 2009-09-28

    It looks like you posted this in May, but in the event you periodically check back, here's what I recommend:

    Set feedback high. 

    Obviously increase depth.

    Set  "phase" to a small-ish value

    Set number of phase stages to something greater than 7.  I believe the
    Boss Jet Phaser is a 7-stage phaser.  You probably don't ever want to use anything less than 4 stages unless you're looking for a delightfully subtle effect.

    St.dff seems to be related to how the LFO behaves in right vs. left  channels.  You may wish to mess with that some.

    I suppose this may be useful information for about anyone to read.

    In agreement with your sentiment, I have also found the phaser seems to be deficient in some way.

    I've been studying the source to determine what algorithm is used, and it seems to be some kind of IIR filter (as it ought to be).  It will take a while to wrap my mind around it enough to generate a difference equation from it.  It obviously is correct to a certain degree, since it sounds like a phaser.

    I'm also working on a modification that causes it to model a typical analog phaser.  I will be compiling my first attempt tonight, and if all goes well, I'll post it here: 

    I do know that it ideally needs about 10x upsampling, but this is CPU intensive as it also multiplies the phaser's computations by ten, and that's where dedicated DSP chips shine over a regular general purpose computer.  Rakarrack in general would greatly benefit by upsampling/interpolating at the head end, and downsampling the final output.  Maybe have a slider or a setting in the menu where you can set the number of times upsampling to adapt to your CPU capacity.  Some people's computers could handle it.


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