Noise reduction idea

  • kostia

    kostia - 2008-07-15

    Hello people!!
    GREAT work!!! Congratulations!!!
    Quality and latency - awesome! Nice start!
    I have problems with noise, tried your noise gate, and found that it is not so intelligent:)
    I have an idea how to make it better, (but sorry, I'm not a programmer, and I can't do it my self), maybe you can do it?
    You need to join noise gate with EQ - filter frequency that is used by noisegate. Or three bands that controls their own threshold and ratio. I think it shouldn't be so difficult?
    I had demo of multiband compressor with 5 sections(each band with it's own compressor-limiter-gate controls) of course there was a million of controls, but very effective!

    • Josep Andreu

      Josep Andreu - 2008-07-15

      Hi, a multiband compressor is sheduled for future versions :-)


    • kostia

      kostia - 2008-07-15

      God bless you all!


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