Good Day/Night
   I have a client who really wants to use the full 1000 chars in the Meta Tags  I found an old issue in Jira that was closed some time ago.  Can we revisit this at lease in email please.
  The Table rb_PortalSettings is already defined as nvarchar 1500 more then is needed so no database change is needed here. 
From what I have seen in RBP-411 listed above it is the SettingItem changed max value default to 256, I did not see anything in there where the max is defined at all.  I can see shown here where SettingItem has a StringDataType() but it did not set the default max value.
SettingItem TabMetaDescription = new SettingItem(new StringDataType());
So is it not possible to some how add a new data type like BigStringDataType() in app_code/Rainbow/UI/DataTypes/ that has a max value of 1500 ?  if so does anyone know how?
Are there any work arounds for this problem. I did not find any on the forums... Thanks