I did the same thing last week, and have the same problems, if you get a response off list can you share it with me please. Thanks
Mike Stone
Director of Computer Information Services
Kaskaskia College
27210 College Road
Centralia, IL 62801

>>> mgregory@gt.com.au 4/28/2005 20:34:19 >>>
Ok, so I went out and bought the developers license to AspxGrid from
Devexpress. Has a lot of features that I need.

Can't get it to work in a User Control. It uses javascripts and I can't
seem to get the .Net IDE to debug the scripts when they are in the User

Can anyone please point me to instructions on how to debug javascripts
in the user control.

I have turned on asp debugging as well as asp.net debugging. I have set
break points, and have hooked into the aspnet_ws process.

Thank you

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