Well I did a new download and a new database and here is the error I got 
Exception in UpdateDatabaseCommand installing module: C:\Inetpub\CVSROOT\Rainbow\DesktopModules\ContentManager\install.xml
Error occured:

INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'FK_rbContentManager_GenModDefs'. The conflict occurred in database 'Rainbow_2_26', table 'rb_GeneralModuleDefinitions', column 'GeneralModDefID'. The statement has been terminated.
/***************************************************************************************/ INSERT INTO rb_ContentManager( GeneralModDefID, FriendlyName, SummarySproc, CopyItemSproc, MoveItemSproc, CopyAllSproc, DeleteItemSproc ) VALUES('f9645b82-cb45-4c4c-bb2d-72fa42fe2b75', 'Documents', 'rb_GetDocuments_Summary', 'rb_Documents_CopyItem', 'rb_Documents_MoveItem', 'rb_Documents_CopyAll', 'rb_DeleteDocument')

at Rainbow.DesktopModules.ContentManager.Install(IDictionary stateSaver) in C:\Inetpub\CVSROOT\Rainbow\DesktopModules\ContentManager\ContentManager.ascx.cs:line 454 at Rainbow.Helpers.ModuleInstall.Install(String friendlyName, String desktopSource, String mobileSource, Boolean install) in C:\Inetpub\CVSROOT\Rainbow\app_code\Rainbow\Helpers\ModuleInstall.cs:line 156

Mike Stone
Director of Computer Information Services
Kaskaskia College
27210 College Road
Centralia, IL 62801

>>> manudea@gmail.com 2/26/2005 19:16:05 >>> - 27/02/2005
by Manu
- FIX: Improved the install scripts and fixed some bugs
- ENH: Brand new default portal content (Charles suggestions)
- ENH: Language switcher default is now DropDown
- FIX: Lanugage list now matches current cultures
- FIX: Other minor fixes
by Frano
- Updated hr resources

If you have a chance get the cvs (it is updated in 24 hours from now)
and try a clean install. I have implemented all the Charles
suggestions in admin pages.
A big thank to Uwe Lesta that did the hard job of sql.

I recommend create a clean db using the setup.wsh file you find in
Just fill the blanks and hit the portal (http://localhost/rainbow) to
complete the installation.

A zipped release will be due on monday if there are no problems.


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