Once I have Bills Ok to move forward with my changes I have completed them all on the two modules, and will need some people willing to test them.  They work on my system
Also waiting for SF to get back up.
Tabs Module and AddTab module As per this Jira issue.
AddTab Module
  Just add the (Admin) AddTab module to a page/tab some place and start adding tabs.
Tabs Module
 1) Goto the Tabs module under Administration tab.
 2) Click on the Edit Collection Properties button for the module.
 3) Under the Specific Module settings is one option "Use Old Version?"  Just uncheck it then go to bottom and click "Save and Close"
 4) This took you back to the Tabs module, find the "Add New Tab" link button and click it.
 5) Now just start adding tabs, or click Cancel.
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