I have made the following Jira Changes lets see how it goes.
Created new User: rainbow_devlist
Changed Rainbow Modules project so that it now used Default Notification Scheme
Checked Rainbow Portal project already was set to use Default Notification Scheme
No other projects in Jira are set to use the Default Notification Scheme. So with that in mind
Modified Default Notification Scheme so that rainbow_devlist is emailed when one of the following happen...
  1) Issue Created.
  2) Issue Closed.
  3) Issue Resolved.
  4) Issue Reopened.
Should I change Rianbow.vnext project to use this Default Notification Scheme?
Should any of the other issues status changes cause an email to be sent to list? Options are:
* = list already being notified
* Issue Created
   Issue Updated
   Issue Assigned
* Issue Resolved
* Issue Closed
   Issue Commented
* Issue Reopened
   Issue Deleted
   Work Logged On Issue
   Work Started On Issue
   Work Stopped On Issue

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