Its good to see the traffic on the dev list heat up.  Manu and I are in the process of reorganizing the Rainbow project.  We are compiling a solid roadmap and correcting it before displaying it to the list.  It includes a new site Design with Community Server [ hopefully 2.0 ] forums.  I think most to all the issues in the current rainbow version will be solved in 2.0.  From my test its pretty solid in only having warnings for obsolete code and having only a couple little errors.  Im going to start refactoring code and making small adjustments on my test boxes but I have a fresh install.  I am targeting this install for an aqua release but would be willing to offer my help on getting just a fresh 2.0 port on dev.  I will check on the ELB because I definitly saw it in one of the many versions of rainbow that I currently have.  I will check tonight when I go back to northern virginia if my 2.0 version contains the ELB assembly and thus ELB.  I dont mind ELB at all.  Im just saying if elb can be there why not magicajax?  Its just a dll and a web.config change.  I am currently working with Manu also in getting MagicAjax to work with the Rewrite Module and do a ajax hit with rewrite instead of a post.  Aqua is very fast and its hosted on my dev machine with a network connection to SQL Server 2005 Enterprise.  I am going to test it with Caching turned on and do some benchmarks  with Rainbow 2006 1.6 Sql Server 2000 ent  VS  Aqua Sql Server 2005 and release my findings.