Although I've got most of the bugs out of Rainbow itself for v2 there remain a ton of Esperantus bugs and possibly some hidden ones that will pop up once we fix that. Esperantus wasn't built for v2 so I've been waiting for manu to get me a version of it that builds and runs on the new framework.
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From: Pekka Ylenius
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 12:47 AM
Subject: [Rainbowportal-devel] DevNETv2


I'm getting this kind of error when trying DevNETv2.
It gives this same error for all modules when initializing DataBase:

Exception in UpdateDatabaseCommand installing module: C:\Code\Rainbow\DevNETv2
Requested store: 'StoreXMLResxFiles', parameters were: 'Path=C:\Code\Rainbow\DevNETv2
at Esperantus.Data.DataFactory.GetKeysStore(String storeName, String parameters) at
Esperantus.Data.DataFactory.GetDefaultKeysStore() at Esperantus.Localize.InitializeStore() at

It there a trick I can do to fix this?

Pekka Ylenius

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