I would like to see the ability to use the "Display Name" in active directory,

A trash can for deleted modules,

Ability to move or copy a tab & modules between portals,

A better events or calendar module


Thanks -james

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From: Rahul Singh [mailto:anantatman@gmail.com]
Friday, October 29, 2004 3:13 AM
To: rainbowportal@yahoogroups.com; agitkomisiono-sinsekvigi@yahoogroups.com; rainbowportal-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [rainbowportal] Rainbow Users, lend me your ears.


I am working on a few designs and have come across a lot of overlap in
modules that could be straigtened out, however, I would like to ask
what kind of features would you like that aren't already there.

I have lots of ideas already down on paper, but before I commit to
anything I'd like to hear what is most important to you.

Developers: What kind of features are you looking for to create
applications faster and more efficiently. What kind of business logic
would you like available to have available to you so that you don't
have to write it? What kind of presentation logic would you like to
have so you don't have to make it pretty? What kind of data access
layer would you like so that you can do other things? What kind of us
user interface would help you do this better?

Users: What would you like to do with rainbow which isn't possible now?

Please bear in mind that I'm trying to make it easy for us all to do
what we do better.

Rahul Singh

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