hi to all
1st of all .. thnx francesco to be sincere ... i don't really know why a customer should by a pre-built skin, but may be becouse it's good and cheaper than one built for him only.
as duemetri, we sell skins to our customers giving them a choice ... 1. skin exclusively for u for 1 year (great for people who plans to change skins every year) -> x Euro // 2. skin for u for the rest of ur life -> x+x% euro (great for people who want to keep their skin in their pockets) ...
the skins on the shop, in my opinion, will be cheaper so this is a 3rd chance.
As you can see, the skin, is a product that can be sold like a module and no human support on site is needed (this is why it should be cheaper). The production process becomes more industrial giving the skin more quality (it should pass a certification process), less development time, different market segments.
Obviously, this is just 1 chance, not THE chance. everybody can be asked to develop a "personal" skin for customers and in this case, u will generate a "personal skin", more expensive but exactly how customer wants it to be.
obviously i don't really know if someone will buy some skins on the shop, but in my opinion this is a brand that should be considered. the market position is between the FREE skins provided by rainbow and the PERSONAL skin made by a graphic. (this could help the graphic to earn a little bit more when he must develop a skin "on demand")
i'm so sorry but as u can see, i'm not a graphic at all, but more marketing oriented, so it would be nice to hear ur comments about this
about certifications, in my opinion, this community should prepare a kind of check list. the certification process is something that someone should ask to get the "blue ticket" and it will allow to sell his skin at an higher price.
the certification process is a service that should be payed by the skin owner and this fee will be forwarded to the person in the graphic community that phisically expect the check
the certification process is free for all u of course.
i dont know what u should do, but in my mind (please .... take note that this is in my mind only) a certification should tell me that the skin is perfect with all the situation (see, edit ...) for the whole free modules available when its released. the CSS follows the standard that u r fixing .... for the out-of-standard stuffs a complete documentation is provided ... these are just few few few ideas ... but u r the official graphic team for the Rainbow Project.... so u will have to decide
thnx to all for ur great work
Well, I think that we would need some more details on your idea of certification.
Is it a "Rainbow approved"-style certification?
As for the shop:
I know it's not my own business, but I must be sincere...It would never come in my mind to buy a skin, even if certifed, when I could find lots of them for free...I don't think that the gap between a professionally designed skin and a free skin (except for some cases) can justify a price.
Moreover, after buying it, I couldn't even say my skin is unique, since anyone could buy it again after me.
two last questions. What would imply the certification? An increase of the skin's price? What exactly do we certify?
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hi to all
a short email just to let u know that Rainbow has its own shop for modules and skins. If you are interested in sell modules or skins that u have made and which won't be inserted in the core, pls, go to http://shop.rainbowportal.net, verify terms and contitions and feel free to contact me for any question. We are collecting products to sell and we hope that the shop will be completely active within the end of november.

i think that we should start thinking to a kind of certification process (for modules and skins) and i suppose that ur teams could work thinking about it. I have some ideas about it but i would like to know ur opinion in advance (is this a good thing, it's useless, its a waste of time, it's a commercial opportunity and so on ..)

thnx to all

Graziano Poretti
http://www.rainbowportal.net - http://www.duemetri.com
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