Hi Community, firstly I’d like to wish you all a Happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!


The reason for the post is that I thought I’d start a thread on New Year resolutions/initiatives for our community - so sharing a few things below (please do add to this thread)…


Core team:

Please go to Confluence and make sure you’ve built a profile page that uses your name as page title so that any occurrence of your name is then automatically hyperlinked throughout the confluence wiki.  New members will then be able to know who is who etc. as well as how to contact us and a little background would not hurt, it does not need to be shameless PR unless you want to write it that way.


Example: http://support.rainbowportal.net/confluence/display/~esdaniel



Members supporting core team:

Please study the confluence/jira wikis: http://support.rainbowportal.net

If you need access rights to anything contact Confluence/Jira admin folk - that’s Jes and I btw.  As per above it would be great to know WHO you all are - we invite you to create a profile too at Confluence.



New members:

Please study the confluence/jira wikis: http://support.rainbowportal.net



Team management:

Mike Stone recently asked me a question regarding our infamous online meetings - how to get involved etc.. 


Some background first: these were occurring in a much more organised fashion during Summer ’04 but by September work commitments and other factors dramatically effected our implementation of the ‘Scrum’ methodology approach to open source community coding.  Since September these meetings have been very ad-hoc and brought together based on who is around on MSN IM.


John Mandia continues (thank you JM/Manu for your perseverance) to lead this initiative and we hope to re-form this practice in the New Year - without stealing John’s thunder I hope to see 3 regular practices occurring:


Scrum of Scrums:      All scrum leaders (these are the Rainbow team leaders inc. v2 etc.) to meet online regularly and update each other with progress and report on problems/issues - btw this is supposed to be 15 minutes each week, any issues raised that need discussing are done AFTER the meeting (this more efficient approach brings issues out into open and then lets team decide action points - the action points should never be addressed directly during the meeting)


Focused scrums:       Scrum leaders will meet weekly with their team to discuss progress and gather reports on problems/issues (in a similar fashion to above i.e. 15-30mins)


Product backlog:      Bloody good idea that we did not quite complete but essentially Jira IS our product backlog - so what is it?  A product backlog is every damn feature you want, which we then get the community to prioritise so that we implement what the community needs most - simple huh?  Well it’s not as easy as that because it requires our community to be in regular dialogue with us - please help us get this right for everyone.  (Example @ Jira: http://support.rainbowportal.net/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa - use the GUI to query for ‘new features’)


What is scrum?         http://www.codeproject.com/gen/design/scrum.asp?print=true#SCRUMValues1



Money/Income:        Everyone in Rainbow community needs to provide for themselves and their loved ones - we understand that implicitly and very much appreciate your contributions in light of this - what we’d love to do however is help you make more money.  There are several initiatives for you to be aware of:


Demand driven


Chunkz:        Clients with existing in-house expertise will get in touch when they require support, often in the form of specific chunks of code they need written to support in-house projects


Bespoke modules:     Client-driven module development


Projects:       As varied as our community


Design:         Essentially skinning, but many RBers need flash animations for parts of their clients’ content for example


Hosting and application management:      The simplest way to engage with us - monthly rental on or off-site keeps things simple, also we strongly encourage territory managers to provide these services at local rates in local currency - of course many of you find excellent value with 1&1 hosting: www.oneandone.com



Org structures


Due Metri:     Graziano Poretti leads the 2M territory managers, if you want to work directly with 2M please contact Graziano


Core team:    John Mandia has formed White Light Solutions which is an on-demand service to customers that represents the services of the core team for ad-hoc project work and consulting - WLS is independent of 2M but is 2M’s preferred partner along with 2M UK’s offshore resources


Non-core team:        Please let us know if you’d like to work with either the 2M and/or WLS teams


Designers:     Probably the fastest growing in demand (we all code yeah, who designs?) and we’re always looking for people to do great skins, contact Anne and Jeremy please!!


Pre-sales:      Contact Graz or Ed


Post-sales:     Contact Graz, John or Ed



Rainbow 2 Suite


Rainbow CRM/Accounting:   See confluence for updates, we have been listening to clients and they always ask how we integrate with accounting or CRM solutions, we’ve suffered slightly from ‘Not Invented Here’ syndrome and to fix this we’ve looked at several other open source offerings: www.sugarcrm.com and www.sql-ledger.org - we feel this functionality meets much of our clients’ requirements - we hope to implement similar and INTEGRATED functionality with Rainbow 2 in ’05, timelines depend on many factors right now but we hope to be ready for Rainbow Fest September ‘05


If you want to get involved please contact a team-leader at Confluence: http://support.rainbowportal.net/confluence/display/JOIN



So, it’s going to be another big year @ Rainbow - we’ll be wrapping up RB1 ASAP so that we can prepare for RB2 on Whidbey, to see more on this decision watch Confluence for the recent meeting report to get all the facts before we get into further discussion on this, of course feel free to share your thoughts in the meantime.


If I’ve missed anything, said anything wrong or right - let’s hear from you, otherwise happy holidays and thank you once again for participating in this project and I look forward to collaborations with you in the New Year.






PS. I am merely the messenger, to know my responsibilities/commitments to this project check Confluence.