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On 1/23/06, Emmanuele De Andreis <manudea@gmail.com> wrote:
Main site
Link: http://www.rainbowportal.net
The main site will be cleaned up and restructured.
A clear distinction will be made for 2 paths: users and developers.
Resources will be organized in a clean and simple way of access.
Stale and obsolete resources will be dropped or moved in an archive section.
This will organize entry points to other services (described below).
Rahul as offered to help on this area. Volounteers needed on specific tasks.

Forums and discussion
Link: http://forums.rainbowportal.net
Current forums will be upgraded to community server 2.0 (now in beta2)
CS will replace the current official yahoo groups and source forge
developers list that will be closed and kept for archive only.
Rainbow 2.0 is using new aspnet 2 membership provider so this will
unify with a single sign on forums and main site.
Upcoming CS version 2.0 promise to include an email list add-on and
looks as a total replacement of yahoo.
Mark is helping on this area.

We are going to move away from sourceforge.
The main reason is the lack of svn support.
Sourceforge replacement choice is Novell forge.
Similar features. SVN support. Public service as Sourceforge.
Link: http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?rainbow
We will move on this space all the current releases (2005 and 2006)
and of course this will be the main svn for the official rainbow 2.0
We are moving from current SVN because the current server is temporary
and peoples that offered it for free until now are moving.
Admin status
Admins are chosen on specific projects and renewed every 6 months.
Every admin has a specific role that can be revised.
And admin commits himself for the period of 6 months making a public
statement (manifesto). Current admin should have at least one year of
activity on rainbow list, site or code.
Activity periods are the 2 half of the year.
From 1 January to 30 June, from 1 July to 31 December.

Manu as rainbow admin manifesto:
(first half of 2006)
My goal on Rainbow for this six month is coordinate the stated plans
and ensure the all people do what they committed to. I will help them
on thing that I know and will find help for this that I do not know. I
will guarantee that Rainbow remains free and open as is right now.

Developer status
Developers that want to gain write access should write a manifest of
two rows about what they think to do in the semester.
At the end of semester inactive developers may be removed from the
list of active developers without notice. They can be reintegrated if
the want to contribute again at their request.
This avoid having stale records of inactive people.

Open problems:
What to do?
Should we need confluence?

What to do with jira?
Allowing all people to submit bugs leads to a high level of noise:
right now a lot support issues are tracked as bugs.
Confluence an Jira sometimes are down.
Possible solution:
Keep jira for bugtracking.
Allow only managers submit real and confirmed bugs.
Or, have admins check and verify regularly the submitted bugs.
Create 2 tracker: one for support and one for bugs, manager will move
submission to the right place.
Replace Jira with an external bug tracker. Using Novell forge is an option.
Mark has a module and he's so kind to offer it. The advantage will be
to have it integrated in rainbow.
Integrate with svn? How?


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