That most likely means you do not have the documents module installed or that your
GUID for the documents module is incorrect.  That constraint makes sure that you don't
add support to the content manager for modules that you do not have installed.  Granted
it probably *should* handle it more gracefully, to be honest I never considered people not
having the base set of modules installed.


Chris Farrell

At 12:47 AM 2/27/2005, you wrote:
Well I did a new download and a new database and here is the error I got 
Exception in UpdateDatabaseCommand installing module: C:\Inetpub\CVSROOT\Rainbow\DesktopModules\ContentManager\install.xml
Error occured:

INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'FK_rbContentManager_GenModDefs'. The conflict occurred in database 'Rainbow_2_26', table 'rb_GeneralModuleDefinitions', column 'GeneralModDefID'. The statement has been terminated.
/***************************************************************************************/ INSERT INTO rb_ContentManager( GeneralModDefID, FriendlyName, SummarySproc, CopyItemSproc, MoveItemSproc, CopyAllSproc, DeleteItemSproc ) VALUES('f9645b82-cb45-4c4c-bb2d-72fa42fe2b75', 'Documents', 'rb_GetDocuments_Summary', 'rb_Documents_CopyItem', 'rb_Documents_MoveItem', 'rb_Documents_CopyAll', 'rb_DeleteDocument')

at Rainbow.DesktopModules.ContentManager.Install(IDictionary stateSaver) in C:\Inetpub\CVSROOT\Rainbow\DesktopModules\ContentManager\ContentManager.ascx.cs:line 454 at Rainbow.Helpers.ModuleInstall.Install(String friendlyName, String desktopSource, String mobileSource, Boolean install) in C:\Inetpub\CVSROOT\Rainbow\app_code\Rainbow\Helpers\ModuleInstall.cs:line 156

Mike Stone
Director of Computer Information Services
Kaskaskia College
27210 College Road
Centralia, IL 62801

>>> 2/26/2005 19:16:05 >>> - 27/02/2005
by Manu
- FIX: Improved the install scripts and fixed some bugs
- ENH: Brand new default portal content (Charles suggestions)
- ENH: Language switcher default is now DropDown
- FIX: Lanugage list now matches current cultures
- FIX: Other minor fixes
by Frano
- Updated hr resources

If you have a chance get the cvs (it is updated in 24 hours from now)
and try a clean install. I have implemented all the Charles
suggestions in admin pages.
A big thank to Uwe Lesta that did the hard job of sql.

I recommend create a clean db using the setup.wsh file you find in
Just fill the blanks and hit the portal (http://localhost/rainbow) to
complete the installation.

A zipped release will be due on monday if there are no problems.


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