The TLD string is also present in web.config ... that's where you can change it. The string in Config.cs is the default value used if the setting is absent from web.config file.

The default language setting in the web.config file: my understanding is that this is ONLY used when a valid setting cannot be found in Site Settings. Therefore, if you portal is correctly configured with sr-Sp-Latn in SiteSettings then everything should work as intended.

Jeremy (jes1111)

On 29/11/05, Danijel Kecman <> wrote:

Addition. In RainbowSettings Test_UniqueID.cs there is string:

string sld = "aero;biz;com;coop;info;museum;name;net;org;pro;gov;edu;mil;int;co;ac;sch;nhs;police;mod;ltd;plc;me";

which should contain ws in order for this to work. Quick fix is to set RemoveTLD to false in web.config.


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Default language does not override for domain's with .ws (web site) extension. I have two domain names point to same portal (not portal for each domain, just simply two domains one portal).

One with .net does use <add key="DefaultLanguage" value="sr-SP-Latn" /> other (.ws) does not.