yes, we made a change but that is already in the system or at least the old system.  What we did was have the rb user id be manually changed to an ID of our choosing. This ID can then be used to query our student system and pull up any information about that person.  before that we had just locked down the whole site except the main page so when they were authenticated only this one iframe would pop open and request that they fill out a small form. This form updated a new table in RB database and if the updated was successful we inserted another role that turned off the iframe and let them go about their business.  I have long ago deleted all that work when Manu finished the Manual update for me. For the record we are moving to Active Director in the very near future and no new people will be allowed to create accounts they will be assigned.    
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Date: 6/13/2006 13:44:58
Subject: [S-P-A-M]  Re: [Rainbowportal-devel] User management modules and richer data
I have heard of a couple of people who had custom implementation in their apps.
However, nothing that people where distributing or showing around, and I dont recall who... perhaps
serach the archives?

I think I remember Jose Viladiu perhaps doing a custom user module for someone as a custom job, so
perhpas give him an email.... if not also, i might consider asking Mike Stone, as he has one of the
largest rainbow sites i heard of, and it's an acedmic site, so it's possible they have similar
features to what you are looking for.

That is all realevant to the 1.1 fmwk which i tihnk you specified.

If not, it wouldn't be too ahrd to do, and if you post an offer on the community, I am sure you can
get a few freelancers to jump at the work oppertunity?

Good luck,

- Jonathan

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Subject: [Rainbowportal-devel] User management modules and richer data


Anyone built a superior user/role management module(s)?

Anyone built a mechanism for capturing more data about a user during the
registration process?

If so I'd be interested in taking a look at them.