Has anyone gotten a virtual directory application to work under Rainbow?
Here's the scenario:
Rainbow is set up as a Web Site in IIS with it's own IP address.
I have multiple Portals running
I have another web application that I would like my users of the Rainbow Portal to use by accessing it from their domain name. For example:
http://www.MyRainbowPortal.com gives the Portal site.
http://www.MyRainbowPortal.com/MyNonRainbowApplication gives them another web application that has nothing to do with Rainbow.
A main concern with this is SSL certificates. I know that I could just redirect to another url, but I want to use the same cert for both applications.
I've already tried just defining a Virtual Directory under the Rainbow web site in IIS, but when I try to get to the Virtual Directory it either hangs or gives me a "Rewrite.net.dll not found" error.
I'm looking further into this, but any pointers by someone who's gone down this path would be helpful.

James Steward