Hi jeremy,


Thank you


I found that the error is in the update.aspx, so the app is not actually running at this point and therefore errors have not kicked in.


I have found the problem, and will post it in another email.






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The full error is always recorded in the log. If you are on localhost, it should also be shown on the SmartError page. If you are running a production site, then you can add your IP address to the list of allowed addresses in web.config and you'll be able to view the message as if you were on localhost.

Jeremy (jes1111)

On 25/11/05, Mark Gregory <mgregory@gt.com.au> wrote:

Can someone please tell me how to turn the custom errors off.

I need to be able to get the full error message

In the last version you changed mode="Off" in the customError tag

If you add a customError tag to rainbow 2006 you get a bigger error.

Please I need to know this urgently.


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