Let me know if you have questions


My hd looks like this


C:\inetpub\website (not ssl)

C:\share\websitessl\virtualdirectory1 (ssl)

C:\share\websitessl\virtualdirectory2 (ssl)





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Thanks Mark, I like your plan way better then what I was doing. I will try and change my things over to this approach. 




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I use a virtual directory under rainbow all the time.


You need to copy rewrite.net.dll, freetextbox.dll, RewriteRules.Rainbow.dll and RulesEngine.dll and put them into the bin folder in your virtual directory.


I think this has something to do with the url handler from the parent application needing to be able to handle urls and not being able to find the dlls it needs.


Anyway it works and I use it a lot and also with SSL.





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Has anyone gotten a virtual directory application to work under Rainbow?

Here's the scenario:

Rainbow is set up as a Web Site in IIS with it's own IP address.

I have multiple Portals running

I have another web application that I would like my users of the Rainbow Portal to use by accessing it from their domain name. For example:

http://www.MyRainbowPortal.com gives the Portal site.

http://www.MyRainbowPortal.com/MyNonRainbowApplication gives them another web application that has nothing to do with Rainbow.

A main concern with this is SSL certificates. I know that I could just redirect to another url, but I want to use the same cert for both applications.


I've already tried just defining a Virtual Directory under the Rainbow web site in IIS, but when I try to get to the Virtual Directory it either hangs or gives me a "Rewrite.net.dll not found" error.


I'm looking further into this, but any pointers by someone who's gone down this path would be helpful.



James Steward