Oops, I sure seem to have hit a sensitive nerve with the installation document...! Lower the heat, fellow rainbowbrains! :)
I haven't been watching the lists for very long so that I most likely don't know the whole story on some of the points mentioned below. So keep that in mind when reading my comments. :)
Here are my observations so far:
1. We all seem to agree that the goal is to produce a simple, automated installation for the rainbow portal installer
2. The reality is: we are not there yet
3. There are only 2 issues listed under "Installation" in Jira!
4. There are over 500 threads listed in the Installation support forum!
My comments to the above points:
To 4 and 3.:
What a discrepancy!
If Jira is used to gage what issues will be addressed and scheduled for a release, the installation issue is a non-urgent, non-existing problem. Hence no or few resources are allocated. Obviously, the installation itself and/or the installation documentation need some help based on the support forum posts and views of threads. 
That said, I will heed my own words and I will log an issue regarding the current installation document.
If Jira is indeed used as a task tracker/scheduler, my suggestion is that the support forum posters should be regularly directed to Jira (to search for a solution or log an issue) and, if there is a moderator (someone on the team who hangs out in the forum a lot), the moderator should ensure that the frequently viewed threads are captured as an issue in Jira.
That would be a great way to keep track of the rough spots of the Rainbow Portal and it would allow the issues to be assigned and scheduled.
This leads me to point 2:
We've got to clean up what we have right now and then move step by step into an agreed upon direction.
In that case, as a first step, I also suggest that we have something along the lines of a "quick start" installation document and a "troubleshooting the installation" document. BTW, that was supposed to be the topic of my original email when I started this thread... :)
To 1.:
Now that the rainbow portal has been around for a while and has received major boosts in functionality it is a great sign that the installation has become a subject for discussion. It means that it's no longer just the "hackers", die-hard developers playing with the Rainbow Portal but that the Rainbow Portal has gone mainstream.
Let's make sure we elevate the installation/installer functionality to its own function/component because it can no longer be seen as an afterthought. Would it make sense to create a Rainbow Wiki "Installation" space to facilitate the discussion and development of the installer for the Rainbow Portal?