Thanks, William. I will see what I can find.
I will also see, if I can come up with a few guidelines for our documentation. Although, I most likely need to dive into more Rainbow documentation needs to get a picture of what kind of docs are needed for the guidelines and styles to make sense...
Okay, one thing at a time. :)
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From: William Forney
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Subject: RE: [Rainbowportal-documents] Any documentation style guidelines

A while ago I sent a link to an OS project that was specifically making document templates for other OS projects and such. I think it was on, but am not sure.  You could check there.


From: [] On Behalf Of Mark Mcfarlane
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 9:16 PM
Subject: RE: [Rainbowportal-documents] Any documentation style guidelines


Hi Daniela,


Sorry it has taken a few days to respond to you.  Unfortunately there are no documentation style guides / templates / etc in place.  


I wrote the original installation guide as a new user and as my first contribution to Rainbow about 20 months ago.  At the time there was no meaningful documentation at all for the project and the web site was in trouble.  After writing the install docs I spent about 9 months updating and maintaining the web site.  For the past year I have had very little involvement in Rainbow due to other personal commitments.


Basically you can do anything you want.  Show off your skills in both content and design J.  Eventually the install documentation should probably end up in Rainbow’s Wiki but I personally prefer a standard doc format (like MS Word or .pdf) for easy delivery and printing of the installation document. 


If you don’t apply a lot of advanced formatting, copying a document into Wiki is pretty easy.  Authoring anything more than a few paragraphs in a Wiki is pretty painful so I’d write in MS Word or your favorite tool, and then we can deliver as a .doc, .pdf, or copy it into the Wiki. 


I think the Wiki concept is excellent but I find it very difficult to find content within the current Rainbow implementation.


Also, I wanted to thank you for your recent thoughtful comments about Rainbow on the mailing list.  Rainbow will certainly benefit from your mature attitude.  Please ignore the ‘trash talk’ that has happened in the past few days.  We’ve only had 2 or 3 flare-ups like this in the past 20 months, in general everyone acts like adults!  We’ve had a few well intentioned but very strong-willed people join the group recently, who haven’t yet learned how express frustration constructively, and it has set off some mini-flame wars.


Welcome aboard, and Merry Christmas.


Mark McFarlane


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Subject: [Rainbowportal-documents] Any documentation style guidelines


Hi Mark,


Do you have any documentation style and formatting guidelines, preferences that I should follow for the installation document? MS Word is the way to go?


Thanks a bunch,