Well, a RegEx would do the finding of the word “SORT”, but I’m not sure about the rest as it would have to do it after most normal processing is done and the html is going out to the browser…  there is probably a place in the response pipe to catch this and do something with it.


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I would like to present you all with a little puzzle.
The solution will make the User Defined Table module even more powerfull.

The Puzzle.
We have a typical Rainbow module aspx file with a placeholder (namely the UserDefinedTable.aspx).
In the Pageload() we add an xml webcontrol to that placeholder.
Let us say, for the sake of argument, that this results in the rendering of following simple html code at the position of the placeholder:
<a href="xxxxx">SORT</a>

The question:
Knowing that I can only control this html code manually at runtime:
What should change about this HTML code in order to be able to capture a click on the word SORT in the code-behind?
In other words how should this HTML look like in order to be able to capture a click on the word SORT in the code-behind?

The first one with the correct answer is winner of the Rainbow Developer of the Month Award ;-)


Emmanuele De Andreis wrote:

If you can put all data in a dataset (better, in a dataview) the task
is trivial.
(see task module for an implementation example)
(I don't know the innner of udt and i have no time to dig in it now)
On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:16:04 +0100, HolonCom Support
<support@holoncom.be> wrote:
Hello guys,
I would like to ask your opinion on an urgent matter:
Sorry for being so brief ;-)
First of all:
I improved the User Defined Table module.
Now you can use one UDT and use it's data across the entire portal!
Please have a look at it. It's in the CVS.
In \destopmodules\UDT\ you will find example.txt which demonstrates the
There are modules that display tabular data that give you the
opportunity to sort the table by clicking on a header field of the table.
For example the Document module.
Would it be possible to achive that also with tabular data of xsl
enabled UDT?
I hope some of you can put me on the right track on thinking.